Tips for Hardy Gardeners

Gardening tips for Duluth's Northern climate, hosted by Master Gardener Tom Kasper.

Fall-based gardening?  Now?  It's the middle of August!

Luckily, a couple of the things you might consider doing in the garden are all about sharing: dividing irises, for example (if they haven't been blooming, or taking a page from Tom Kasper's book and dropping off 90 pounds of produce at the Damiano Center!

Tom Kasper

Gardening is not only a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed along or at a social distance ... it turns out so is garden appreciation.

The Western Garden Tour is going on on Saturday, August 8 and a garden tour benefitting CHUM is slated for next Tuesday.

You can contact CHUM for more information.

Tom Kasper

Tom Kasper's discovery of a black swallowtail butterfly caterpillar munching on one of his fennel plants sparked quite a bit of introspection about how we're changing when it comes to acceptance, tolerance, and what triggers the reach for the pesticides.

Gordon Joly/Flickr

Warm sun,  some actual rain - and Tom Kasper says, if we plan it right, we can get two or maybe even three harvests this season.

Plus the moral issues inherent in carrot-thinning, this week on Tips for Hardy Gardeners.

Tony Alter/Flickr

Gardeners are popping up like weeds these days.

Whether motivated by concern for food security or the time to finally pursue the interest, it seems everyone wants to be a gardener.

And nowhere is that more apparent than when you're trying to get supplies, and everything from plants to dirt to compost is all gone.

Fear not.

Unlike a lot of things, compost is something you can make in your own back yard.

Just keep the puppies out of it.

Lisa Johnson

"Look at the lovely flowers that just came up in my garden!" gushed a novice gardener to Carol Andrews of the Arrowhead Chapter of Wild Ones.

"Goes to show weeds are pretty, too" came back the reply.

Would a weed by any other name be just as annoying?

Tom Kasper says you've got to establish your "weediness threshold."

Markus Spiske/Unsplash

Tom Kasper is excited about new backyard gardeners, looking forward to being able to donate fresh produce to soup kitchens and food shelves again,eventually ... and shaking his head over people who didn't prune the storm damage off their trees in a timely fashion.

Lisa Johnson

Whatever you plan to do about the deer in your yard, from making them feel welcome to scooting them on down the road, Tom Kasper says you need to start doing it NOW before they get in the habit of dropping by your place for a meal.

And just like we're happy when Minnesota Governor Tim Walz tells us to go out and get some exercise, we should be delighted that Tom Kasper is telling us to get outside and start gardening.